10 Dating Tips for Single Christians

5 General Single Christians Dating Tips

1. Know both your limits. Keeping a mutual boundary is a sign of maturity. You and your date should be responsible enough to set limits and boundaries.

2. Assess your personal motives. Why do you want to have a date? Is it just to meet your selfish need, for gratification of your own ego, or a real and genuine affection?

3. Love must be over lust. If someone loves you, they will know how to respect and will control him/herself. Love should be the reason, not lust.

4. Obedience first before passion. God’s authority should take precedency over any physical drive. Obey the word of God. Physical intimacy should match with the commitment. Physical touch must indicate only meaningful relationship, not to satisfy your personal need.

5. Choose someone who believes and has fear on God. Dealing with individuals who are not connected with God is just like you play with fire.

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5 Tips for Single Christians Dating Online

1. Be yourself. If you really want to find a long lasting relationship, it will be a must to be yourself. NEVER hide your true self, don’t lie about what you like, what is your goal, passions, and interest. Well, lying will never do you good. No one wants to be tricked. Show what you’ve got, oh, yes better stay away from Photoshop. Remember that no relationship last that has lived with lies.

2. Don’t be you. It seems like the contrary of the first, well it’s not. It’s just an extension. Showing your true self is different from giving away your personal information such as your name, your contact, your bank account, your address… anything that is personal. It’s for your safety; it’s what we call intelligence, not paranoia.

3. Look around first. There is really great possibility that you might find your match online. But before searching for any online dating sites, it will be great to see first what you have around. If you are member of a religious organization, then you probably meet there the “perfect match”. You might never know whom you are searching is just right in front of you.

4. Have a Smarter Date. It will be the first time you will meet him/her in person. So, safety should still be your priority. It doesn’t mean you don’t trust the person, you must still consider the fact that still needs to give a little bit space. As much as possible make a meet up in a public area. Don’t go there alone. Make sure there are some other people out there. And tell your friend or any person you trust about your plan. You are going to meet a total stranger, stay away from places which encourage abduction or rapes.

5. Pray. This is your most powerful tool. Get God be involve in whatever decision you are going to make. You must also know the limits. If you have been obsessed or you become troubled with it, it would be much better to stop it.

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