5 things to avoid when you date online

Online dating websites can help you to find out amazing people to date and share interest and passions. Even if you did not get date through online dating, you still have chances to get friends for long terms. More than 20 thousand people get married through online dating website alone in America while the numbers are not different in other countries. But do you know online dating could cause lot of problem if you do not follow the safety tips?

Just like online dating helps thousands of people to find dream partner, there are dozens of cases reported each year causes due to online dating websites which includes robbery, sex assaulting, rape, murder and kidnapping. I am not against online dating, but when you are online you need to extra care about your security and safety because you really don’t know who is at the other site of screen.

Following I am sharing top 5 things to avoid when you date online. This will not just assure your safety but also improve your experience to surf online.

Care about your privacy:

It is not a good idea to provide your personal information very soon. This information includes your full name and phone number. These two things are enough for a person to track your address and your real identity. This could be possible through people search and public records etc. By tracking your location they can come to your home to rob you or kidnap you. There could be any possibilities specially if you are alone at home etc. So, never ever share your personal information at initial chat.

Use free email account:

If the person asked you to contact with you outside the dating website. It is highly recommend to provide him/her your email address instead of your phone number. Again phone number can helps them to find your location while free email account does not share any information. You can use Yahoo, Gmail or hotmail for this purpose.

Use Skype instead of phone:

If you are comfortable to go further with person, the next step should be voice chat and this could be possible through Skype or other free software for communication. Using Skype for first time communication is better than providing phone or mobile number.

Beware of married people:

It is fact that 25% profiles on dating websites are created by married people and they pretend to be bachelor. Such kind of people do not post their pictures or very clear pictures and ask for one night date etc. He will not very regular to reply your emails and forced you for text message rather than telephone communication. It’s up to you how do you determined if a person is married or not.

Involve your friend or family member:

Once you are in situation when you decided to meet with person. Make sure you tell about this to at least one person like best friend or someone from family member. Also tell them the location where you are going to meet the person and his brief details including contact information.

Dating online is not just fun but also very helpful to search a life partner but make sure you are following the above mentioned tips to avoid facing any problem.

Finally, because there’s never enough tips in this world, read these tips also, they might be very helpful too!