Are you single and muslim? This matrimonial dating site is for you

The is considered as the best matrimonial websites base in Canada. They are also one of the biggest communities of singles around the world. It aims to help people in their journey towards becoming a happy couple, which would soon lead to marriage.

Why should one choose

  • It is a large base of single Muslims

The site has thousands of single Muslim members. It aims to help them find someone who perfectly matches with them online. As they have very large database, it would be the perfect website for those who wanted to meet new people and those who wanted to meet their companion in life. There are higher chances for the single Muslim to find their lifetime partner since it has so many members.

  • Safe and Secure

The site makes use of the latest technology to ensure that they would be able to offer their members with a secure and safe online experience. Thus, people who have been using the website did not encounter any problem related to it.

  • Added features

Although the website offers a lot of features that their members could use, they are still constantly trying to add new features from time to time. That way, they would be able to serve their members better. Moreover, they wanted them to feel comfortable while using the site.

  • Serves as the bridge towards Muslim marriages

The site is a part of the DatingFactory network, which operates various reputable dating websites. The site serves as the bridge towards Muslim marriages while still respecting the engagement rules of Islam. Moreover, many Muslim have successfully married someone with the help of the website.

muslim singles matrimonial

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  • Website security

All of the personal data that they have collected form their members are kept on secured served that are located at the Europe Union countries. In addition, they ensure their members that none of these data and information would be disclosed to a third party. All kinds of communication between the website and their members are secured and private.

  • Flirt tab

The site has a flirt tab that is beneficial to those who feel like they wanted to flirt with someone. With this feature, the single Muslims would get to know if the other members like them too. They also have the chance to choose who they wanted to flirt it. It also includes the top flirts if the week.

  • Free Sign-up

One of the main reasons why single Muslims join the site is because it is free. Therefore, they do not need to spend their money just so they could enjoy the benefits that the site offers. In case they wanted to upgrade, they could also freely do that for those who have a gold membership gets to enjoy more features, power and benefits.

What are the drawbacks of

  • Only for single Muslims

One of the drawbacks about the website is that it was created for single Muslims who wanted to engage in matrimony. Thus, married peopleare not suggested to join and become a member of the said site. has been successfully bringing couple together each day and they are aiming to do so even in the future. Thousands of individuals, both men and women have found their own soul mates with the help of the site.