How to Date Married Women

A lot of men today are attracted to married women because of the fact that they find them more attractive rather than those younger ladies. The practice of monogamy decreased as well as the couples due to the lack of pure love and control in engaging to intimate affairs outside marriage. Dating women who are married is an ideal tip for most of the men regardless of the gap of age.

If a woman is pretty, attractive and mature, a lot of men would likely fall in love to her and they would like to date her. The experiences that married women have make a lot of men love them and it increases their wish to get along with them. A lot of women also want to make a change in their lives every time that they got bored. Women are so fond of loving, adoring, and caring so if a man can give her needs, she can fall for him. Below are some of the tips on how to date a married women for those men who are scared of dating them:

Tip number 1: Give her Time

The loss and the new relationship also needs time to develop. Most women are not yet ready to ditch their husband and to be with another men. If a man wants to have an affair with a married woman, he should try to develop first the relationship that they have and give her the feeling that she is doing the right thing.

Tip number 2: Give her Comfort

It is very much important for a man to make a woman feel comfortable with his company. Try to become closer to her by knowing the things that she is interested with as well as the things that she doesn’t want. If she needs to have time in order to get close to you, then give her the space until she comes to you.

Tip number 3: Give her Support

A married woman who is entering to a pre-marital affair is unhappy with her husband and life. Try to serve, support and stand by with her side every time she needs you.

Tip number 4: Do Not Befriend her husband

You should not befriend her husband because most of the time close friends are being involved in the relationship with the wife. So, the best tip in dating married woman is not to be friends with her man.

Tip number 5: Know the things That She Expects

A man who is dating a married woman should know what they are expecting in order for them to meet her expectations that was not been provided to her by her husband. Try to know all the things that she wants and to fulfill it for her.

Use these five steps in dating a married women and get ready to share your love to her. Dating married women is not that easily, but if your love for her is pure, nothing is impossible.

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Tinder, To use or not use?

Tinder is one of the most popular mobile dating application where people sign up and connect people on the bases of their current location. The concept of online dating website and mobile dating application is not something new, with the invention of smart phone many online dating websites also launched their mobile application. Usually you signup to those app and search people on the bases on your interest and requirements like age and location etc. But Tinder has changed the concept of online dating, instead of sharing the result of people on the bases of interest, Tinder filter search result on the bases of your location. This article is about Tinder, To use or not use?

How does Tinder works?

For people who are not yet aware about Tinder, here is a quick tutorial how it works:

  • You sign up to the application using your Facebook account.
  • Select an age and distance for search purpose.
  • Tinder show you the pictures of people who are most near to your location.
  • Simply swipe the picture/profile you don’t like or click like tab if you are interested.
  • If the person you are interested in also liked your picture, Tinder will notify you.

Isn’t sound amazing? Instead of begging and sending number of private messages, Tinder notify you automatically if the person is also interested in you.

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But wait…

I know Tinder sound very easy and a great mobile application for dating but it is now mostly known as hook up application or an application to search for sex partner etc. Sadly in past few months some cases of sex assault has been registered which was caused due to Tinder. Some group also been arrested in America who use Tinder for gang sex etc. But does it mean you stop using Tinder? No, sex assault could be cause through other different ways too, even by using Facebook or Twitter. So it is better to use Tinder with care. Following I am sharing some basic tips which you should follow while you are using Tinder:

  • Don’t reply to each and every private message until you are really interested in.
  • Don’t share your private photos like nude or even semi nude pictures and video.
  • Don’t just agree to meet with person in very first chat.
  • Chat as long as you can to understand in detail and build confidence.
  • Don’t get impressed by “text” people know how to make fool with their words.
  • Use Google to confirm the identity of person by using picture and mobile number.
  • Ask for Facebook profile link to get more detail about person.
  • Prefer to hangout with people who are most near you in term of geographic distance.
  • Instead of going to private place, it is better to meet with person at public place shop.

Tinder is a great place to meet with people and make new place but all you need to play safe and set some rules while you are dating.

4 Online Dating Tips That Really Work

A person might be alarmed during a first face-to-face “date”. He will find himself too busy in order to look good for the person he will meet. On the other hand, people just need to invest on time and consistent communication.

Here are the simple tips for a successful online dating:

  1. Take a nice shot

The profile image is usually the first seen when finding a potential partner. We can’t hide the fact that most people are attracted to someone appealing. With a first look, one could actually feel something different. For an instance, the beauty of one’s eyes can be a reason why a person gets attracted to him. A smile can also make you more beautiful. Therefore, don’t be afraid to smile and show a positive aura.

Choosing the profile image must be done carefully. One just needs to be simple. There’s no need to put heavy make-ups or hair gels to look good. Being natural and showing the real appearance will matter a lot. To create an emphasis on the beauty of your face, you need not to wear hats or sunglasses. If you just post a close up photo, a person’s focus will be on you alone. Most importantly, you must choose a recent photo so that the person you’re dating online won’t be shocked if you met personally. Being honest is very important.

  1. Be optimistic

Venturing into online dating requires patience. There might be instances when a person stopped sending messages and dropped conversations. Having a cut interaction does not mean that you will not meet another person that will match to you. Try not to be upset when you encountered negative communications. The person you used to chat surely have personal reasons that you never know.

Simply smile and wait for the perfect partner that will make you happy. This person might be the one you will marry in the church.

  1. Know about details

When sending messages, you must be specific and direct to the point. People appreciate short but sincere communications. During conversations, try to be casual and avoid creating a stalker approach. It is also important to give positive comments and compliments about the person you like. Being humorous is also good because a person would want to be with a funny partner.

If you reviewed the details about a person you’re dating, he/she will be amazed on how you give importance about that person.

  1. Have a target

It is good to meet new friends online. However, you must not forget an important goal—to meet someone special. Sending messages to many people may result to confusion and doubts. Just consider the fact that you don’t know them personally. You may send a message for someone who can’t relate on what you are talking about. Building a strong relationship with a certain person will give you an assurance of meeting a good partner.

Online dating will be indeed successful if you don’t hide the person within you. There’s no need to wear masks and please everybody in order to capture their hearts. Being the real you will be the most important thing to consider.


Finally, because there’s never enough tips in this world, read these tips alos, they might be very helpful too! 🙂