Review is a dating website that was founded back in 2014. It aims to give the hearing and deaf singles residing in Canada a chance to meet other people of the opposite gender. Moreover, the website has successfully matched thousands of couples throughout Canada.

What are the advantages of

  • More and more people are joining

As more people join the dating market and the dating site, it only means that there are greater chances that the deaf would get to meet more people and find his/her match. Moreover, the site does not only aim to help people find love but it also aims to help people meet new friends online. This is why people are taking advantage of the said site.

  • They have the best facilities

As the target users are the hard hearing and deaf individuals, the facilities that they need are indeed different. However, the site has the best facilities for them. They would get to experience having the perfect date online and it could even lead to dating offline. The site helps them to eliminate the loneliness that they feel and for them to find happiness.

  • They provide safety tips

These safety tips provided by the site aims to help people look out for their safety for online dating is still different from dating face-to-face. They said that by keeping those rules in mind, the user would have a greater experience while they are communicating with others.

  • Lots of features available

The site offers a lot of features to all of its users. It includes allowing them to meet, chat and get to know each other. Moreover, the number of singles they could meet are not limited. Thus, they could meet and flirt with as many singles as they wanted.

  • They send email notifications

Just so their members would always be updated with their new matches as well as the people interested in them, they send email notifications to all of them as long as they wanted to. The email notifications also include the site’s dating tips as well as their special offers. In case their members do not want to receive certain email notifications, they could easily change it in their account.

What are the disadvantages of

  • There are various kinds of subscriptions.

Even though there are free trials, it would still be better to have a gold membership. However, it requires them to spend their money. Moreover, those who have a free trial membership have limited features that they could use. Therefore, those who have a gold membership has more power and more benefits that they could enjoy from joining the site. On the other hand, those with a gold membership truly deserve it for they have paid for it. wanted them to find a companion in life through their platform. They have provided an easy way for people to connect with each other. It aims to provide their members with the greatest online experience ever for they know that the hard hearing and the deaf individuals also deserves to be loved.

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