Tinder, To use or not use?

Tinder is one of the most popular mobile dating application where people sign up and connect people on the bases of their current location. The concept of online dating website and mobile dating application is not something new, with the invention of smart phone many online dating websites also launched their mobile application. Usually you signup to those app and search people on the bases on your interest and requirements like age and location etc. But Tinder has changed the concept of online dating, instead of sharing the result of people on the bases of interest, Tinder filter search result on the bases of your location. This article is about Tinder, To use or not use?

How does Tinder works?

For people who are not yet aware about Tinder, here is a quick tutorial how it works:

  • You sign up to the application using your Facebook account.
  • Select an age and distance for search purpose.
  • Tinder show you the pictures of people who are most near to your location.
  • Simply swipe the picture/profile you don’t like or click like tab if you are interested.
  • If the person you are interested in also liked your picture, Tinder will notify you.

Isn’t sound amazing? Instead of begging and sending number of private messages, Tinder notify you automatically if the person is also interested in you.

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But wait…

I know Tinder sound very easy and a great mobile application for dating but it is now mostly known as hook up application or an application to search for sex partner etc. Sadly in past few months some cases of sex assault has been registered which was caused due to Tinder. Some group also been arrested in America who use Tinder for gang sex etc. But does it mean you stop using Tinder? No, sex assault could be cause through other different ways too, even by using Facebook or Twitter. So it is better to use Tinder with care. Following I am sharing some basic tips which you should follow while you are using Tinder:

  • Don’t reply to each and every private message until you are really interested in.
  • Don’t share your private photos like nude or even semi nude pictures and video.
  • Don’t just agree to meet with person in very first chat.
  • Chat as long as you can to understand in detail and build confidence.
  • Don’t get impressed by “text” people know how to make fool with their words.
  • Use Google to confirm the identity of person by using picture and mobile number.
  • Ask for Facebook profile link to get more detail about person.
  • Prefer to hangout with people who are most near you in term of geographic distance.
  • Instead of going to private place, it is better to meet with person at public place e.g.coffee shop.

Tinder is a great place to meet with people and make new place but all you need to play safe and set some rules while you are dating.